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Olive Leaf - A Plenipotent Defense to Covid

Olive Leaf is a well-known for antiviral function, but a host of other benefits fall uncannily within the very scope of damage from long term covid, and the similar injuries suffered by the inoculation injured.

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and Covid

N-Acetyl Cysteine is an amazingly beneficial supplement, indicated in dozens of current research papers as a potential cure for covid-19, so why is the FDA trying to ban it?

Zinc & Quercetin Prevent Covid

There are numerous mechanisms of action through which zinc acts against viruses in the human body. These include (but are not limited to): Inhibition of RNA binding Inhibition of RNA synthesis Inhibition of viral polyprotein cleavage Inhibition of viral replication Virus inactivation

Even Mouthwash Stops Covid

Wait, do you mean to tell me that mouthwash and breath sprays have been tested in human trials and shown to have high levels of action against covid? And no one knows?

Zinc Stops Covid

Zinc is the most well known antiviral mineral, and is widely used as a winter cold and flu preventative.

Ivermectin Stops Covid

Learn more about Ivermectin and studies that show that Ivermectin provided strong prophylactic protection from infection.


Mask Mandate Science - Is there really any??

Mask Mandate Science, your government claims that it is clear and distinct, but prior to the pandemic, most evidence showed no effect in stopping the spread of disease, and lots of evidence that prolonged mask wearing caused substantial harms.

Natural Immunity

With most every disease known to man, the body mounts an immune response that prevents getting it again. For reasons as yet unexplained, the public was told early on that covid 19 was some kind of anomaly, which would relentlessly and repetetively sicken the entire population, unless a miracle vaccine was found. Not only was this patently untrue,

Asymptomatic Covid Spread - A Useful Lie?

An Essay by Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, Former COVID Pandemic consultant/advisor to WHO-PAHO and former COVID pandemic advisor to Health and Human Services (HHS)


Dr John Campbell

Dr John Campbell is a Nursing Educator in the UK medical system, and great analyst of covid and health care. While a proponent of vaccination, he uncovered evidence for Vitamin D, Zinc, and Ivermectin from around the world early on in the pandemic, and is still shocked that there is no money for study.

SWEDEN'S Covid Success

The critical thing no one else has discussed abous Sweden is that the government's policy of refusing to allow oxygen in care homes resulted in roughly 40% of their total national deaths. Government policy, not covid itself, was the primary reason they suffered.

Qui Bono

Stop Saying Your Vaccine Was Free - The Health Care Sector Got $175Bn for the Vaccine Rollout, and Now McDonalds is Offering the Big Vax!

Stop Saying Your Vaccine Was Free. The delivery system alone cost taxpayers $175 billion so far, 500 bucks per average American, if everyone gets vaccinated. This is not to mention the ad campaign, or PPE swindles

Pharma Bros got $16Bn in Warp Speed Subsidies and all we got is these T-shirts

One thing we at Control Group always ask about a problem, or its proposed solution, is Cui Bono? Who Benefits? In the case of the pandemic, and the government’s response, it is clearly the pharmaceutical and “health” industries,


CoVax Related Death Analysis

Data analyst Matthew Crawford's Rounding the Earth blog, takes a deep look at vaccine related deaths in VAERS and worldwied

Vaccine Injury 2 - Data Rigging

Follow Data Scientist Matthew Crawford into the abyss of VAERS mathematics, which is simply designed to fail

Vaccine Injury

Comparing Covid Vaccine Injury Data from Multiple Countries

Vaccine Efficacy - We Hardly Knew Ye

Back in December, before Control Group even existed, we had already agreed to Follow the…

Vaccine Safety

Steve Kirsh is the Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund, and spent 10 million dollars in 2020 proving that alternative medicines prevent and cure covid. The CDC, FDA, and WHO, however, have prevented all research in favor of untested vaccines.

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