Asymptomatic Covid Spread – A Useful Lie?

My friends constantly remind me that, despite my many years spent in research and education, I am not, by degree, “a scientist.” So for this blog, I am deferring to someone who is, Paul Elias Alexander, PhD, Former COVID Pandemic consultant/advisor to WHO-PAHO and former COVID pandemic advisor to Health and Human Services (HHS).

While wikipedia pushes the narrative that Dr Alexander was working under the Trump Administration, he is a young, Canadian, PhD epidemiologist, who did his MA at Oxford, not some political hack. His blistering review of the refusal of the entrenched circle at NIH to pay attention to the science and act accordingly is staggering. This essay boasts nearly 100 citations documenting that their policy on Asymptomatic Spread, Lockdowns, Masking, and particularly the failure to quarantine and protect the elderly and infirm, caused needless death and suffering at home and worldwide. I wish I could edit the overflowing anger out of his essay, but he has paid the price, and completely documents THE SCIENCE.

BTW – for you ultra critical googlers, of his two PhD cowriters, Dr Parvez Dara is the Hemotological Oncologist, not the disgraced dentist.

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