Olive Leaf – A Plenipotent Defense to Covid

As some of you reading this will know by now, keeping up in the covisphere is simply impossible. Even if one were to choose a single topic, the research is daunting. For The CONTROL GROUP, however, as we try to keep up on all fronts of the science, medicine, and politics, here in the US, and globally, it is a relentless task. That is why today’s blog is demanding you do the work, we have no time to spare!

The importance, however, of Olive Leaf Extract, in preventing, curing, and repairing the damage of covid-19 has been thrust under our nose, and we can not go another day without discussing it. Not that there is a lot of “proof” in hand at the moment, but the first study for Covid-19 ended last week, so we expect good news soon.
Olive Leaf Capsules; as a Co-therapy in the Treatment of COVID-19 Patients 

Why, you ask, would we expect good results? Olive Leaf is a well-known for antiviral function, but a host of other benefits have recently been discovered. These benefits fall uncannily within the very scope of damage from long term covid, and the similar injuries suffered by the inoculation injured.

I don’t have time to break down all this science for you right now, you will have to click the links and read the research papers yourself. The fact is, however, that ALL of them indicate beneficial effect, and I did not select for that outcome whatsoever. I simply did a global search by organ system, and discovered what a potent and wide ranging ally Olive Leaf really is. While some of these studies are in rats and mice, most are human trials. To wit, let’s start by assuring you of the incredible safety of ingesting this plant extract.
A Comprehensive Toxicological Safety Assessment of an Extract of Olive Leaves

Now let’s jump into the research, which I’ve broken it into categories, starting, of course, with its primary action…

The olive leaf extract exhibits antiviral activity against viral aemorrhagicsepticaemia rhabdovirus

Comparison of Antiviral Effect of Olive Leaf Extract and Propolis with Acyclovir on Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) exhibits antiviral activity against H5N1 Avian Influenza virus

Treatment of genital herpes using olive leaf extract – (Ouch –YEAH!)

If you’ve been paying any attention to the medical science of spike protein damage, you know that it severely impacts blood cells, platelets and blood vessels. So does Olive Leaf, but in a good way…

The effect of olive leaf extract on platelet function

 Olive leaf tea may have hematological health benefit over green tea

The effect of olive leaf supplementation on the constituents of blood and oxidative stability of red blood cells

Olive Leaf: Potential Effects on Glycemia and Lipidemia

Impact of phenolic-rich olive leaf extract on blood pressure, plasma lipids and inflammatory markers: a randomized controlled trial

Olive Leaf Extract Attenuates Inflammatory Activation and DNA Damage in Human Arterial Endothelial Cells

Next to cardiac injury, stroke due to microthrombi is the biggest group of innoculation injuries, and possibly more severe. Strangely enough, Olive Leaf has proven effective in fighting that exact issue

Hydroxytyrosol, the Major Phenolic Compound of Olive Oil, as an Acute Therapeutic Strategy after Ischemic Stroke

Of course, preventative use is the nine-saving stitch

The neuroprotection effect of pretreatment with olive leaf extract on brain lipidomics in rat stroke model

Covid is not cancer, but there are similarities in the hijacked body systems, and with some evidence for post-vaccination cancer due to the cell-defense mechanism shut down by the mRNA vaccines (they prevent cells from recognizing foreign material so they can replicate), this could be very handy for innoculees.

Evidence to Support the Anti-Cancer Effect of Olive Leaf Extract and Future Directions

Oleuropein-Induced Apoptosis Is Mediated by Mitochondrial Glyoxalase 2…

Olive Leaf Extract Induces Apoptosis and Monocyte/Macrophage Differentiation

Oleuropein-Enriched Olive Leaf Extract Affects Calcium Dynamics and Impairs Viability of Malignant Mesothelioma Cells

Efficacy of Olive Leaf Extracts in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer and Prostate Cancer

While the lungs take the beating in advanced covid, the heart is the organ under siege by the changes to the actual shape of the blood cells, as well as clotting issues, particularly in the vaccine injured. Again, Olive Leaf is made to order medicine.

Olive Leaf Extract Attenuates Cardiac, Hepatic, and Metabolic Changes

Olive leaf phenolics and cardiovascular risk reduction:

Cardioprotective and neuroprotective roles of oleuropein in olive

The effects of olive leaf extract and 28 days forced treadmill exercise

The effect of olive leaf extract on cardiovascular health markers

Immune Function
Not as much research, but Mast Cell Activation is high level

Regulation of Immune and Nonimmune Mast Cell Activation by Phenols from Olive Oil

Kidney – Yeah, them too

Protective effects of olive in renal failure; a review on current knowledge

Effects of Olive Leaf Extract on Metabolic Response, Liver and Kidney Functions and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Hypertensive Patients

For those trying to deal with fatty liver and excess weight (the primary comorbidity in severe covid) Olive Leaf is essential.

Oleuropein prevents the progression of hepatic fibrosis induced by a high-fat diet

Potential Hepatoprotective Activity of Olive Leaf Extracts

The Effect of Olive Leaf Extract on Hepatic Fat Accumulation in a High-fat Diet

An interesting study of teen athletes shows a 28% decrease in recovery time.
That would have been one week less of coughing in my severe covid case.

The Effect of Olive Leaf Extract on Upper Respiratory Illness

Men – Just saying

The Effects of Olive Leaf Extract on The Testis, Sperm Quality and Testicular Germ Cell

Olive Leaves Extract Improved Sperm Quality and Antioxidant Status in the Testis

Women – Forget covid, take Olive Leaf for this!

Olive Leaf Extract Inhibits Breast and Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth and Cell Cycle Progression, Increasing Apoptosis of Tumor Cells

Finally, the least interesting paper, on its anti-covid activity in a topical hand cream

The SARS-CoV-2-Inactivating Activity of Hydroxytyrosol-Rich Aqueous Olive Pulp…


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