Vaccine Injury 2 – Data Rigging

Covid Vaxxine Injury Data Analysis

While working on our Vaccine Injury blog, we stumbled across the professorial data analyst Matthew Crawford, and his stunningly detailed Rounding the Earth blog.

If you are not a data scientist or statistics nerd, and even if you are, you may want a cup of coffee. These are complex analyses that point to the fact that VAERS statistical model itself is incapable of showing the true risk of injuries, or conversely, purposely designed to hide them. Buckle up….

Defining Away the Safety Signals – Part 1

How the PRR calculation hides adverse events

Defining Away the Safety Signals – Part 2

Answering critiques to, and simplying Part 1

Defining Away the Safety Signals – Part 3

Masking Adverse Events – Ratio vs Magnitude

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