CoVax Related Death Analysis

Once again, we lean on the professorial data analyst Matthew Crawford, and his stunningly detailed Rounding the Earth blog, which has taken a much deeper look at vaccine related deaths in VAERS and around the world than we though possible.

If you are not a data scientist or statistics nerd, and even if you are, you may want a cup of coffee. These analyses discuss the fact that VAERS purposely codes ALL deaths as COVID Deaths, no matter what the test results, or the fact that they were reported as VACCINE related events.

Comparison to data around the world shows immediate increase in deaths at the point of vaccination, particularly in countries with low or no case related deaths prior to their rollout. Take a loot at this chart from Israel in the first month of the booster – Coffee up… Buckle up….


Estimating Vaccine Induced Mortality – Part 1

Examining mortality peaks as vax programs launch

Estimating Vaccine Induced Mortality – Part 2

Comparing post-vax deaths to pre-vax deaths

Estimating Vaccine Induced Mortality – Part 3

$1M Bounty to prove VAX Death False

Estimating Vaccine Induced Mortality – Part 4

Faulty Arguments – The Premise Stands

Here come the German Researchers
Vaccine Associated Deaths

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