Vaccine Injury

Comparing Covid Vaxxine Injury Data from Multiple Countries

Vaccine Injury and Reactions are a hot topic in the Covidian Era, probably stemming from the half million reports now in VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System). Many believe that VAERS does not function well, but for some reason, the V-SAFE system, created specifically to track covax reactions, does not share its data publically, so there is no way of knowing.

Given the questions about VAERS, we decided to compare its reporting to other established systems in the UK and EU. We wish there were one to one definitions of case types, etc, between the systems, but we can only extrapolate from what is available.

The total VAERS data, from Dec. 14, 2020 to July 30, 2021, shows that there were:

                 350,000,000Total Doses Administered
    440,0000.1257%Total VAERS Reports
         2,4880.0007%pregnant women reported adverse events 
         1,3810.0004%reports of miscarriage or premature birth.
         4,0440.0012%cases of Bell’s Palsy 
            4290.0001%reports of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, 
         4,9570.0014%reports of anaphylaxis 
         7,6330.0022%reports of blood clotting disorders. 
         3,7280.0011%cases of myocarditis and pericarditis 
         5,2340.0015%heart attacks
      14,2510.0041%Permanent Disabilities?

With 330M Doses and 46K hospitalizations, Many would argue that the number of injuries is relatively low, since only 1/8,000 got seriously injured, but these are serious injuries, with their own long term consequences. Let’s see how that fraction adds up around the world.

The UK has a long established and respected National Health Service (NHS), under which all residents have medical care. Hooligans that they are, they have created a “Yellow Card” system for tracking their vaccine reaction data. The system spreads out the reporting by each vaccine, with no aggregate, so it too is hard to track, but today’s view shows

that for 44M Pfizer jabs, there were 98,000 reports 1:500, with 478 deaths, 1:100K, while for 38.5M Astra-Zeneca jabs, there were 225,000 reports 1:420, with 1024 deaths, 1:38K, so while unclear on hospitalization, the Yellow Cards appear to report more than double the VAERS statistics.

To really get into granular data, it’s best to look at the European (Eudravigilance System) system. Here we are able to split and graph the data along many variables, again, with each vaccine separately.

Moderna (Spikevax) Injury Data – 58M total jabs 45K Medically Reported Serious Injuries
That’s 1/1200 jabs, or 6 times of the average in VAERS
(without counting 42K self-reported injuries)

Here you can see the Moderna Specifics for conditions and seriousness

Notice that death is not even listed

Pfizer Injury Data – 382M total doses 170K Doctor Reported Serious Injuries
That’s 1/2000 jabs, or 3.5X of the average in VAERS
(without counting 170K self-reported injuries)

Here you can see the Pfizer Specifics for conditions and seriousness.

Death is not listed

Oxford Astra-Zeneca 88M Total Doses 86K Doctor reported Serious Injuries
That’s 1/1000 jabs or 8 times the average in VAERS (not counting 265K self-reported injuries!!!)

Given the known flaws of VAERS, and the detailed info in Eudravigilance, it seems fairly safe to assume that Americans are not getting a clear picture. This would also indicate that the number of deaths is significantly higher as well.

When looking at vaccination from a risk by age perspective, it is also important to note that >75% of the Pfizer injuries occur in the 18-64 group.

while mortality statistics from the CDC clearly show that 80% of deaths are in the over 65 age group.

This may speak more to the risk of unreported death in the elderly, but even without that, given this information, there is a clear comparison to be made…
a)         Risk Covid, with current rate of hospitalization ranging from 0.005% to 0.01%           
(possibly double, given the percentage of unvaccinated becoming ill)
b)         Risk Vaccine Injury, with chance of hospitalization ranging from 0.047% for Moderna and .079% for Pfizer, to nearly 1.0% for AZ, or double that, when including personal reports.

Informed Consent ain’t what it used to be…

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