Pharma Bros got $16Bn in Warp Speed Subsidies and all we got is these T-shirts

One thing we at Control Group always ask about a problem, or its proposed solution, is Cui Bono? Who Benefits? In the case of the pandemic, and the government’s response, it is clearly the pharmaceutical companies, whose Pharma Bros got $16Bn in Warp Speed subsidies, with no risk to them, or return to the taxpayers. Of course, if you believe they have saved you, America, and the world from covid-19, then it may be considered worthwhile. Of course, coronavirus is a health problem, so one would expect pharma to have a role, but If you examine evidence for other functional methods of protection, which are orders of magnitude cheaper, you might ask how Warp Speed has, and will, play out?

In terms of compensation and stock prices for the three US vaccine makers, VERY WELL!

Moderna was literally non-existent, a start-up working on mRNA technology, when the Warp Speed money began to flow (in a contract blinded to the public). This kickdown increased their stock price by 15X! (Enough to make late Bitcoin investors wanna cry on their blockchain.) It’s almost as if they were waiting for the perfect disease to come along and cash them out.

Making a killing

Viagra maker Pfizer was coming out of a slumping 2019, and a plummet brought about by its deal with Mylan. They eschewed the Warp Speed development money in order to maintain their patent rights (the one’s Bill Gates wants to protect) and keep federal health agencies from owning a share. Once the $2B purchase contract kicked in (a contract missing any of the long established taxpayer protections), shares surged to near peak, then leveled off to sit comfortably, with shareholders expecting bumps as the government forks over for endless boosters. Amazingly, as of this writing, the FDA denied the first one.

Who’s making millions off your tax billions?

Johnson and Johnson, makers of such trusted products as Tylenol and Band-Aids, has staggered through years of payouts on injury lawsuits including the recent $100M on talcum powder, $230M on opioids, and $400M on defective hip replacements. Despite never making a vaccine, and having their subcontracting lab ruin 15 million doses, their stock price climbed 20%!

Lose a billion, make a billion

Merck just pulled in $1.2B to produce a new antiviral, at a cost of roughly $700 per dose for the 1.6 million doses the deal garners. Meanwhile, they are fighting an all out war against Ivermectin, their Nobel prize winning but now generic drug, despite the tremendous evidence at hand that a coordinated Ivermectin campaign could eliminate the pandemic, at a total cost of less than $1 per person. They’ve done well on their new lung cancer drug, and sold off their Moderna shares at 7X.

How much of these taxpayer funded “investments” are going to stock buybacks and bonuses we will leave to our readers to research. Although here is a list of the newly minted Pharma BBBillionaires. Of course, all of these stocks are primarily owned by large financial institutions, such as Blackrock and Vanguard, and who owns the most within those is unknown, but if you are reading this, it probably ain’t you!

Perhaps you were able to get to the feeding trough through some other means. The surge to supply the government with protective gear set off its own bonfire of tax dollars, many of which were given to shady hustlers reselling cheap or outdated products, including billions in No-Bid contracts to political allies and first time contractors. The panic pandemic promoted questionable deals and battles between states, and did little to diminish the spread or damage of the disease.

On top of the $16B in Warp Speed subsidies for vaccine development and purchase payments, is the cost of vaccination itself, estimated at an additional $175B. Even when the $140 a pop is billed through Medicare at $25, it is far more than the cost of the vaccines. Now that the coliseum site surge is over, the medicare payment is $40,  double the cost of Pfizer. Is it any wonder your pharmacy is advertising for you to get the shot?

Oh, yes, Advertising. In addition to the $250M in tax dollars the fed is spending on its promotional campaign, the big three vax firms spent $63M of their own Warp Speed billions pushing the needle at you.

Without a penny spent on the study of or distribution of cheap, proven effective supplements, such as Vitamin D and Zinc, or repurposed off-patent drugs, such as Ivermectin or Fluvoxamine, it makes one wonder how exactly this policy was set? Who in the NIH doesn’t belong to the revolving door merry-go-round of regulatory capture, and what senator doesn’t own stock in these giants?

Want to look deeper into the $2.6 TRILLION our children we be billed?

Here is a complete Tracking of Federal Purchases under the heading of Covid-19

This is the CARES Act – Visualized, and listed in categories Total Spending $2.59T

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