Stop Saying Your Vaccine Was Free – The Health Care Sector Got $175Bn for the Vaccine Rollout, and Now McDonalds is Offering the Big Vax!

Once again, we start at – Cui Bono? As discussed in Pt 1, the pharmaceutical companies received $16Bn in Warp Speed subsidies, with no risk to them, or return on investment for the taxpayers, unless of course, you believe they have saved you, America, and the world from covid-19. But making and selling a vaccine doesn’t do much. An injectible requires a delivery system. That delivery system cost taxpayers $175 billion so far, 500 bucks per average American; possibly $1,000, if half the country remains in the Control Group.

Even when the $140 a pop service fee is billed through Medicare at $25, delivery is more expensive than the cost of the vaccines. Now that the coliseum site surge is over, and the daily profit potential is lower, the medicare payment for injection is $40, ┬ádouble the cost of Pfizer. Since your local nationwide pharmacy was approved to give you the shot, everyone wants in on that cash. Now you get “free” fries with your McDonalds BIG VAX! The real question is whether they will hire a pimply teenager in a nylon uniform to administer it (at $5.25 an hour). Is it any wonder they are all advertising for you to get it?

Oh, yes, Advertising. In addition to the $250M in tax dollars the fed is spending on its promotional campaign, the big three vax firms spent $63M of their own Warp Speed billions pushing the needle at you, and the pharmacies are certainly pouring their own money into the campaign as well.

Without a penny of our tax money spent on the study of or distribution of cheap, proven effective supplements, such as Vitamin D and Zinc, or repurposed off-patent drugs, such as Ivermectin or Fluvoxamine, the Control Group wonders how exactly this policy was set? Do the same people who fund all the research have vested interests in the vaccine? The NIH shares the Moderna patent, and 4 NIH scientists have applied for a separate patent. Since the US relaxed rules on patent ownership my agency scientists, the NIH needn’t be a revolving door merry-go-round of regulatory capture, they themselves can work on pharmaceuticals for their own enrichment. We reserve judgment on whether this benefits the public. It would be interesting, however, to have access to our senators stock portfolios, to see just who benefited from stock ownership in the pandemic tax slush, regardless of their inside information selloffs.

If you didn’t run a pharma or health care concern, perhaps you were able to get to the feeding trough through some other means. The surge to supply the government with protective gear set off its own bonfire of tax dollars, many of which were given to shady hustlers reselling cheap or outdated products, including billions in No-Bid contracts to political allies and first time contractors. The panic pandemic promoted questionable deals and battles between states for PPE, and did little to diminish the spread or damage of the disease.

Want to look deeper into the $2.6 TRILLION our children we be billed?

Here is a complete Tracking of Federal Purchases under the heading of Covid-19

This is the CARES Act – Visualized, and listed in categories Total Spending $2.59T

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