Anyone knows from high school science that the CONTROL GROUP is the group of the experiment that does not receive the treatment, and that the validity of the experimental treatment can only be determined by comparing the experimental group to the CONTROL GROUP. Without a CONTROL GROUP, Experimental Data is Invalid. Given that the Pfizer vaccine Control Group was eliminated (they were given the vaccine) in January 2021, there is no way to know what the short or long term consequences of the vaccine truly are, and we (the self determinded vax CONTROL GROUP) intend to keep an eye on the outcomes. 

We are deeply interested preventing covid by supporting healthy immune response, and are dee[;u researching covid-19 science, with the knowledge that science in the modern world exists almost exclusively as mechanism within a for-profit system. While many of our friends think that we cherry pick our evidence, we remind them that one has to dig for evidence when it is so well suppressed. The cultural mechanisms that are so widely in place, be it the government media alliance that duplicates the same statement 1000 times a day, or the tech industry’s outright censorship by conflicted “fact-checkers,” make sourcing intelligent information a challenge. We are happy in knowing, howrver, that most great scientific advancements are made by those who refute accepted norms.

To begin with we will report on the various proven mechanisms of health support for Covid-19, as we have suffered through it ourselves and prefer that no one is stricken or injured by this disease. On the 2nd tier, we will present as much evidence as possible of the forced march toward experimental treatments, the suppression of all evidence that would counter and forbid their use, the mounting evidence of dangers of these mechanisms, and create a scaffold of evidence to present a history of the entire situation, it’s antecedents, and parallels historically within medical research, government approvals, and monumental failures.

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