SWEDEN’S Covid Success

SWEDEN’S covid success has been greatly underreported. The Control Group, in fact, started as a long form argument about whether Sweden’s no lockdown policy was best. Our friends spitefully mocked us, pointing to Swedens increasing death toll, always comparing it to Denmark and Norway. But we looked at their statistical differences, and like the Swedes, who think of themselves as more like the rest of Western Europe, noticed they had a much lower death toll than comparable EU countries. Then we looked into what was really happening.

To begin with, Swedish health authorities decided not to panic about the Italian surge, and let citizens enjoy their winter ski holidays there, before the extent of covid was really known. But what NO ONE KNEW was that covid was circulating in Italy as far back as September of 2019, so cases were already mounting, but not identified as such. For that single reason, Sweden had a heightened early surge.

The critical thing no one else has discussed, but Dr Tallinger does in a video below, is that the Swedish government’s safety policy refuses to allow oxygen in care homes. This resulted in >40% of their total deaths! If oxygen therapy was allowed, they would be battling Monaco for 38th spot in EU death toll. Government policy, not covid itself, was the primary reason they suffered.

Meanwhile, their no lockdown policy allowed schools and businesses to function, so they had the least economically impacted society in the EU. They did suffer an increased mortality on the year, but it seems to be balancing out in 2021. Here in August, they have had no covid deaths since June 23rd, although summer travel does seem to be increasing cases. With only 60% of adults and no one under 18 being vaccinated, things look pretty good. Here is Worldometers Data

Daily Cases are at 1000
Daily Deaths at 0 since Late June
Here is a direct comparison to Israel

This leads CONTROL GROUP thinkers to believe that Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, was RIGHT. They survived the surge, and may well have gained herd immunity, while maintaining their society as much as possible.


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