Natural Immunity

With most every disease known to man, the body mounts an immune response that prevents getting it again. For reasons as yet unexplained, the public was told early on that covid 19 was some kind of anomaly, which would relentlessly and repetetively sicken the entire population, unless a miracle vaccine was found. Not only was this patently untrue, the director of the NIH stated in December of 2020 that Natural Immunity looked very good. Since then, there is a lot of inference that vaccine inferred immunity is better, with a push to vaccinate the >100 million US citizens who have already had covid and are immune.

As NATURE Reported in July of 2020, Chinese scientists took blood samples of survivors of the SARS 1 epidemic from 2003, and exPosed them to SARS and SARS 2 (coronavirus). The Memory T Cells were able to identify and eliminate BOTH viruses, 17 YEARS after initial infection.

IN NEW NEWS 7/20/21
As we at Control Group fully expected, researchers at NYU have shown that immune response in recovered covid patients is far more robust than vaccine mediated immunity.

IN NEW NEWS 8/14/21
Top Cancer researchers find robust natural immunity

Table From Trial Site News

With this in mind, will the CDC still recommend previously vaccinated to get “the jab,” or mandate it for young people, who are far more at risk of vaccine injury than serious covid?

Natural immunity key in US

USA, Natural immunity key

Nationwide Blood Donor Seroprevalence Survey

Data, gathered from blood donors

Estimates of population, 16 and older, have developed antibodies

Vaccination or infection?

March 21st 2021

Seroprevalence, 49.1%

Over 16 vaccinated, 13.7%

Cumulative reported cases, ...

Deaths as of 21 March


US population, 330 million

Total infections, 162,000,000

Infection fatality rate, 0.4% (0.33985)

Infection fatality rate as of 21st March

Now, herd immunity

Adults with at least one vaccine dose, 64.7%

US hospitalizations

Total now, 2,255,380
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