Dr John Campbell

Dr John Campbell is a Nursing Educator in the UK medical system, and great analyst of covid,, health care, anatomy, and statistics. While a proponent of vaccination, he uncovered evidence for Vitamin D, Zinc, and Ivermectin from around the world early on in the pandemic, and is still shocked that there is no money for study. As we have pointed out to him, as a lifetimer in UK socialized medicine, he is 5000 miles away from the graft.

Comorbid diseases

US, Risk factors for severe CoViD




The disease and some treatments

Chronic kidney disease

Chronic lung diseases

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


interstitial lung disease

cystic fibrosis

pulmonary hypertension

Dementia or other neurological conditions


Type 1

Type 2

Down syndrome

Heart conditions

heart failure

coronary ...
artery disease



HIV infection


primary immunodeficiency

prolonged use of corticosteroids

other immune weakening medicines

Liver disease

chronic liver disease

alcohol-related liver disease

non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

especially cirrhosis
Overweight and obesity



severe obesity


And for at least 42 days following end of pregnancy

Sickle cell disease or thalassemia

Smoking, current or former

Solid organ or blood stem cell transplant

Stroke or cerebrovascular disease

Substance use disorders

alcohol, opioid, or cocaine

Children with underlying medical conditions are at increased risk

Actions You Can Take

Continue your medicines

Follow your current treatment plan

Have at least a 30-day supply of meds

Have shelf-stable food choices available

Know the triggers

Learn about stress and coping

Do not delay getting emergency care for your medical condition

Call your healthcare provider if you have any concerns

When possible, keep preventive care and other routine healthcare appointments
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