Vaccine Efficacy – We Hardly Knew Ye


Back in December, before Control Group even existed, we had already agreed to Follow the Science, and as people capable of doing so, who had read the Warped Speedfiend protocols (and not just the slick posters from the DOD), and the PFritzl (whoops, no relation) Pfizer data, we were pleased to see that respected scientists …

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Dr John Campbell

Dr John Campbell is a Nursing Educator in the UK medical system, and great analyst of covid and health care. While a proponent of vaccination, he uncovered evidence for Vitamin D, Zinc, and Ivermectin from around the world early on in the pandemic, and is still shocked that there is no money for study.

Natural Immunity

Natural Immunity Playlist

With most every disease known to man, the body mounts an immune response that prevents getting it again. For reasons as yet unexplained, the public was told early on that covid 19 was some kind of anomaly, which would relentlessly and repetetively sicken the entire population, unless a miracle vaccine was found. Not only was this patently untrue,

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