Lab Leak Hypothesis – Logical Assessment, or Useful Idiocy?

The LAB LEAK Hypothesis has gained a lot of traction in the last few months, going from basement dweller racist conspiracy to the WHO Director’s course-reversing admission. Even under the assumption that the pandemic began in Wuhan, in or around the wet market, there is not now, nor was there ever, any scientific analysis indicating that a Lab Leak was not a likely scenario.

Now that the Gain of Function (or whatever you may call it) research, WIV problems, and the Fauci emails leading to the to Lancet coverup are known, a LAB LEAK appears to be much more likely than the as yet evidenceless zoonotic spillover hypothesis.

However, research now shows that the coronavirus was circulating in Italy prior to September 2019, long before the wet market outbreak. As the cluster of cases in Wuhan prior to the wet market are now shown to be nearer to WIV than the market (belying the WHO report from February) With the Fauci Anderson email thread exposed, what are we to make of the evidence?

Given the known existince of the virus in both Italy and Wuhan in fall of 2019, let us not ignore the third option, that the leak was not from WIV at all. Whatever may have been going on at WIV, with or without our funding, it is clear that bat coronavirus with ACE-2 receptor adaptation had been developed under an NIH grant in 2015 at UNC by Dr. Ralph Baric and Dr Shi (Bat Lady). After Wuhan shut down, the Chinese government was quick to point the finger of bio-weaponry back at the USA’s BSL-4 lab at Ft. Detrick, which is known (as is the UNC lab) for several serious leaks, mostly hidden from the public. As far back as March of 2020, China was requesting information about a Ft Detrick soldier who competed at the International Military Games in Wuhan in October of 2019.

Regretfully, we at CONTROL GROUP are now inclined toward that most unpleasant thought exercise, that whatever leak or leaks occured that allowed cases to appear thousands of miles apart in relative abundance and quick succession were not leaks at all. The dossier on coronavirus patents prepared by international patent expert Dr David Martin, clearly traces a 20 year history of development and ownership of the coronavirus and its variants, the use of R-PCR testing to identify it, and m-RNA vaccines to … make a bundle off of it. The names on the patents start with Dr Fauci, and include NIH, CDC, several shell companies, Merck, and Moderna, and all were completed by 2018. Read it and weep, or watch Dr. Martin speak to the European Commission on Coronavirus in July 2021.

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